Episode 68 – Spark Your Creativity with a Walk in Nature – Season 3 Finale

In this mini episode you’re invited to switch up your landscape, step outdoors and take a walk in nature. This simple self care act can help you reconnect to yourself and all the beauty of the natural world. Take a relaxing stroll and enjoy mindfully observing your surroundings.

How does nature spark your creativity? How is walking in nature an act of self care for you? Let me know by emailing me at: VibrantVisionariesPodcast@gmail.com and let me know if it’s OK for me to share your answer and name on a future episode. Today’s episode is also available on our YouTube channel: the Vibrant Visionaries Network.

Audio and video edited by David Smith

This is our Season 3 Finale! I’ll be back with exciting new interviews and tips to help you boost creativity and banish burnout in 2022.

Audio podcast edited / video shot and edited by David Smith

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