Episode 64 – Phil Tippett – Legendary Creature Creator & Director of Mad God

It was a thrill to have the legendary stop motion animator and creature designer Phil Tippett on to talk about the making of his immersive and inventive new film Mad God. He shares loads of fascinating stories including childhood memories, collaborating with editor Ken Rogerson and the creative process behind this monumental 30 year project.

Watch the trailer for Mad God and find out about upcoming screenings at MadGodMovie.com

Check out Phil’s Attic on YouTube.

“A collection of the works of Phil Tippett. Phil was a key creative on the original Star Wars trilogy and has continued on with his own VFX facility: Tippett Studio. Enjoy clips of Phil’s work on Jurassic Park, Robocop, and many unexpected discoveries from the Vault.”

Tippett Studio is on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

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