Episode 38 – Skinner & Heidi on Staying Positive During a Pandemic

Artist / Writer / Actor / Weirdo – Skinner is back! In the first of this 2 – part conversation we discuss ways we can train our brains to lean towards altruism and kindness and away from fear and paranoia. The book I recommend during this episode is:

Hardwiring Happiness – by Rick Hanson. Learn how to use Positive Neuroplasticity to change your brain and your life for the better.

Check out Skinner in BUDFOOT on the ALTER YouTube channel – from directors Tim Reis and James Sizemore: “This is our stoner metal thesis on the creative process. It also features Skinner in his acting debut, and Henry Zebrowski [from THE LAST PODCAST ON THE LEFT] in his ultimate form: an adorable demonic nugget.”

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