Episode 14 – Alysa Lucas on Friendships in Podcasting & Setting New Year’s Intentions

Professor Alysa Lucas joins me for a thoughtful discussion about the importance of friendship and how much we love podcasting and our podcasting community. Then we reflect on 2018 and share our intentions for 2019!

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Reflect on 2018:

1 – What did you learn in 2018?

2 – When were you brave in 2018?

3 – What are you ready to let go of or say goodbye to?

Intend for 2019:

1 – What do you want MORE of?

2 – What are you ready to embrace?

3 – If you could have any BIG dream or ✨Secret Wish✨ come true in 2019 what would that be?

Think BIG – don’t sensor yourself – even if it seems impossible!

Let me know if you’d like to keep your answers confidential or if I can share them on an upcoming podcast episode.

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